Due to the HUGE number of registrations we recieve on daily basis, we have divided our membership into 2 levels & each membership level comes with different privileges.

 1.Standard (Having Privilege to Earn via Refer A Friend Program) 
Simply refer people to us and you will get $0.12 (Or Rs.6) per referral & 20% of their monthly income (till one year). You NO NEED to upgrade your membership level if you want to Earn through ONLY Refer-A-Friend Program.Earn 20% of your referrals earnings for the entire year. Means, when you refer someone, and lets say he earns an average of US$100 (Or Rs.4500/-) per month then you are eligible to get ($20) (Or Rs.900/-) per month OR Annually $240 (Or Rs.10,800/-) per year from JUST one referral only.

Bi-Weekly Payments You do not have to wait for months to receive your earnings as we offer Bi-Weekly Payments That means, you can get Payments Every 15 days.
For example, earnings from 1st May to 15th May will be paid on 1st June. Similarly earnings from 16th May to 31st May will be paid on 16th June and so on (If you have sufficient balance)
Payment date for Standard Members is 7th of Each month for previous month,IF the minimum payment threshold is met which is currently at $25 (Rs.1140/-)

For example, earnings from 1st july to 31st july will be paid on 7th August (provided that you have sufficient balance)
If your account is not having sufficient balance in a month, your balance will be carried forward to next month.
There is NO NEED to request for payout. Once you have reach the minimum payout. Just submit your payment details at Payment page and you will automatically get paid as per your membership level.
Verified Referrals are those which have been verified by us based on the unique ip address. Kindly Note, we DO NOT calculate referrals coming from the same IP. Lets say if you refer 10 people, and 4 of them comes from the same ip then those 4 referrals would be considered as 1 only. So, your verified referrals would be 6+1=7.
In total Earnings field, it will show earning from ONLY verified Referrals.
Your total earnings will include earnings from your referral activity Plus registration bonus Plus 2nd level pro member bonus.

 2.earn through Data entry, form filling, ad posting, etc work, then you MUST UPGRADE your membership level to Pro. In order to become a Pro Member you have 2 options to upgrade your membership level as below :If you DON'T WANT to participate in our Refer-A-Friend Program, then you have to pay us US$25 (Or Rs.1140/-) to become a Pro member and you will immediately receive data entry jobs, form filling jobs and/or ad posting jobs from us along with the complete training material with support kit.WANT TO START YOU JOB NOW? THEN CLICK HERE NOW.. DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!  http://www.dataentrywork.net/?id=368936 

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